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Among the women I know, 80% say they are bored. Women are tired of her husband has many reasons, like a lot of conditions, no one like anyone, sometimes what this person feels bored is the luxury that the other wants to have in the husband.



Bored with her husband’s life must run under the rice money, tread turn work … and the woman felt urgent. They want to be loved, be pampered, care as the old days instead of days of frustration in the cold of the man sharing bed with him.

Bored with husband’s education, knowledge, understanding of her husband lower than, say not na is not the same level with her. When we first love each other, we get married in harmony, but when out of society gradually education, knowledge of the wife is upgraded leading to the soul, lifeless lifestyle.

Bored with her husband is not good at earning money, there is no advancement, while her husband is growing up, and her husband is paid three piles. Yes she told me that her husband was a teacher, while she worked for a foreign company, her salary was one month with her husband for a year so she was bored with husbands.

Bored with her husband only to make money home without interest, sharing the family, taking care of children with his wife. Husband sees his wife is grasping everything in the house should rely on his wife, wife as a robot, a housekeeper, a breast. While her wife is bored with her husband, the husband is not happy, he also asked no less interested, shared. It is this insensitivity and dryness that can kill a woman’s heart.

Being bored by husbands who have bad habits like flowers, gambling, alcohol, patriarchs … living with a patriarchal husband, it is sure that every woman feels the warmth without knowing it. lament with whom. Saying that the sisters laugh, not say the warm heart in the heart, gradually everything over the limit of tolerance, leading to boring husband is obvious.

Bored husband husband more and more indifferent, indifferent. When I first fell in love, one day a few calls, seven messages, married all day without a question asked. On holidays, no birthday gift to his wife so that his wife can confidently show off to their friends about their simple happiness.

Bored husband husband demand of her husband’s pillow more and more bland, no longer blaze, burning as old. You may not believe it, but one woman said that she was too bored with her husband to have a “double” in sex, so her husband never asked for it. .

Bored by her husband too gentle, gentle to the point of weakness, gentle too when the wife is idiotic. Inward-looking husband, externally-wives, so the wife wants to find a person with strong personality to be confident in the side.

Bored husband husband more and more lazy, lazy, dirty, drinking back to lie on the bed without toilet cleaning bath. Try to ask his own still dirty, the wife rely on something to confidently give her husband to care. A lazy daddy, do not have the voice that deter children to neatly, neatly.

In short, the society will of course have people this, people that; And what I said above, it can not describe all the boredom of a woman. However, among those who are bored with their husbands, there are also mountain peers who look at the mountains, but unfortunately they rarely notice, only when they themselves experience the pain and then mastered it. Not because of personal feelings or not, but in fact show me beautiful women, educated, confident communication is often boring husband.

When women are bored with their husbands, the soul is very easy to shake, very illusory, less difficult to understand specific situation to look directly at reality. So when out to meet a man who knows, understand the reasons bored husband they are easy to let go all, even some people to kill the husband. The men they meet are usually calm, polite, sensitive, listless, knowledgable, knowledgable, know what they like, what they want, know how subtle way, know patiently waiting. Generally, it is a condition for a woman who is bored with her husband to adore.

Women have a thousand reasons to bore husbands, men also have one thousand reasons to bore wife. Marital life is a naked reality, exposing every aspect of life. Therefore, every husband wife try to see the good points of the enemy, let’s work together, warm up marriage to stop boring each other.

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