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There is a saying like this, “I thought that I could be with you for the rest of my life, not expecting that … my whole life was not my whole life.”


Actually, it is not necessary to seriously consider love, love blindly, really should not. But think again, our lives will meet a lot of people then split away. It’s like a vicious cycle of despair. Sometimes I want to wish more people not to be separated. At a certain point in your life, when you are 30 years old, that may be, you will not remember the vows you made for your first love affair at age ten. Increasingly, you will realize that even if you are crying so badly that your voice is blurred, you need to go forever and never be able to stay, not a second.


We are determined to see the feelings after each separation, watching the love story just like nothingness. But how many people do, or no one. When you stop crying for a moment, you are so close to you, because you can do anything crazy. Right now, looking at each other is also embarrassing hard. You can not hug, hold hands or walk with him on the street. Turns out, that beautiful day was the last day they were walking together, the last time they smiled at each other, for each other happy. A last kiss, familiar familiar to become the last bit sentimental exchanges.

This world is not big, if there is the charm between the stream of people will come to meet again. The world is very big, just say a goodbye but never see each other. “Why love each other so much, thinking that the same road is still the same forever left?” This question answers how to complete. Is love really so great, so important? No one knows, no one can answer. You and your partner are far away only for a small reason. You said you would love him for life, then a few years later you would repeat that statement to another person. “It’s divine but not mythical, it’s strong but soft.” The pain of love before is not the nature of love, or perhaps because you have so exaggerated the sweet perfection of love.

It is easy to say that is simple. Is there anyone who can lift the claim to do what has been lifted up will be let go. But think back, are you really so heavy? He leaves you gone, you still live day after day. How long will you hurt, you really remember what? Remember him or remember the old habits? Gradually you forget everything. All packages in a domain of deep memory that may never be opened again. Human life, where there are missing things if not want to say there is too much.

People are all the same, the love is sad and sad. Not when they love each other so much, but at the farewell just greet each other and then go away? You will also recognize the person who said that will forever be with you, will not be able to live without you, now he is not very happy next to other people it? And the weeping, painful grip – it’s you, is not it okay? Emotional love, it can cause two people to die for each other, but too seriously, it will make you heartbreaking.

New to say, have fallen in love with the whole love, love for the whole seconds each minute together. All coast love from each other.

“Say goodbye to me, do you still live well ?!”

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