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(Blogtamsu) – Read the story of your mother-in-law and your bride below to understand a deep lesson.
This story has been going on in China for a long time. A girl married and started living with her husband and mother. After a while, she realizes she can not live in harmony with her mother-in-law. Their personality is so different, she also can not stand the lifestyle of her mother-in-law. As a result, she regularly criticizes her new daughter-in-law.

The time has come for me, many days and weeks have passed but her new daughter-in-law and her mother-in-law have not stopped fighting, arguing with each other. Chinese tradition requires that the daughter-in-law always bow to her mother-in-law and listen to all the instructions of the superior.


His daughter-in-law and her mother-in-law continue to dispute (Illustration)

Their home is always in the tense atmosphere, suffocating the husband is also really tired son. One day, her daughter-in-law no longer tolerates her mother-in-law’s arbitrary, unsatisfying behavior, she decides to do something to end this situation.

She came to see an old friend of her father, he was a physician. The young woman told him about the “disasters” family life and asked him to give her a pack of poison to resolve everything. The doctor thought for a moment and said, “I will help you solve the problem but you have to promise to listen to my instructions.”

The girl agreed to hear the old doctor. He walked into the room and when he came back, he held a small pack in his hand. He told the girl, “You can not use fast acting poison because people will suspect you. So, I give her the medicine that works slowly. Every day I sprinkle a little on food and let my mother eat. And so that people do not doubt you after your mother-in-law dies, change the way you treat her. You need to live in harmony and care for your mother-in-law. Do not argue with her, listen to her words and treat her like a queen. ”


She wants to use poison to end the stressful relationship with her mother-in-law

His daughter welcomed the medicine from the doctor. She grinned and ran home to carry out her plan. Not long after, she began to give medicine to her food and brought it to her mother-in-law. Remembering the advice of the physician, she restrained anger, obeyed all the instructions of her mother-in-law and treated her as her own mother. Six months later, the atmosphere of their home was completely changed.

Her daughter-in-law has created a habit of controlling her temper so well that she is no longer angry or frustrated. For the past half year, she and her mother-in-law have not quarreled or argued even once. The mother-in-law of the girl is also becoming a different person: she is more open, more in harmony with her daughter-in-law.

Her attitude has changed completely, now she considers daughter in law as his daughter. She shows with friends, relatives that can not find where her daughter-in-law as good as her. Her mother-in-law is now a mother and daughter. The husband and son are also very happy to see the relationship between mother and wife become good.

Feng Shui-me-chong-nang-dau-in-am-foreign

The mother-in-law relationship – the bride is now just like mother and son

One day, her daughter-in-law went to the doctor’s house again but this time she asked for medicine to cure the poison in her mother-in-law. She choked: “My mother-in-law has turned into a different person and now I look at her as her mother. I do not want her to lose her life because of the poison she has put on her food for so long. ”

At this time, the old doctor smiled, nodded and said: “I do not need to worry. Actually I did not give him poison, the package is tonic and it is good for the health of his mother-in-law. The strongest poison is in your mind, it is your attitude towards your mother-in-law. Luckily, the love and concern helped him to eradicate that good poison. ”

Reflective Lesson:

In any relationship, we should keep the head awake and look at the good qualities of the enemy. Regardless of the friction or discord, do not “use hard against hard”, try to think in the positive direction to soothe anger and if necessary, let time help you heal the cracks in that relationship.

This action works for all relationships in your life: with your mother, with you, with friends … no one knows what tomorrow will be like so use kindness to treat people, That’s the way to live a life without regret!

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