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But a sage said, “Superior wisdom, that is sincerity.”


The wise man often pleases others and achieves success, so most people want to be a wise man. To quickly get there, some young people have sought to please others in every way, including deception and double life.

But a sage said that “high wisdom, that is sincerity”


Simply because honesty is always the most popular thing in life. It is said that an ugly truth is more than a good lie. People who have a sincere lifestyle always make an attraction to others, because human nature is always directed toward truth, to truth.

The sincere people always create trust around them, is the warm spirit of friends, relatives. Live with them feel calm, serene because of not looking, cautious, cynical, afraid to face or to discover the dark, dark truth.

Sincerity is expressed not only in words but also in the heart of a word, which must be deeply rooted in the heart, with real sentiment to convince.

Behave in sincerity, give you confidence, charisma and strength … Be honest with others and with yourself. Want to evaluate yourself properly, do not yourself or yourself and do not illusory or other.

But all sincerity must be expressed in subtlety, temperance and culture, otherwise it is easy to become rough to accept. To distinguish true wisdom from wisdom or wisdom, it is only “wise” to profit.

If living in the midst of a community of sincere people, then it is time for life to reach a secular paradise.

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