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True love should probably be the belief that each person has the ability to solve their own problems in their own way.



Give LA, thanks to your statement at this afternoon’s meeting that I have this idea to write.


As a child, adults often tell children in the home, ‘Mother do that because of love. You do that for your sake. Now I do not understand, later grow up you will understand.

Grow up a little, the children often say, ‘Tao said so good for you. I do that for you. If you do not care, who cares about your good and bad? ‘

When entering into love relationship and marriage, couples often justify their decisions or actions, ‘I do that because I love you. He said that because of his happiness.

And then when we have children, in the role of raising, instructing them, when they do not listen, I blurted out, ‘I do that because I love you. I do that because I worry about that. You see, the water he was worried about.


Oh, it is true that because of love one should pay attention to each other, because each other care for each other more anxiety. But where should the love cease to be appropriate for the well-being of each individual?

Use the word ‘love’ to explain the overprotect of an adult to a child, to justify forcing them to go in the direction they think they are right, to draw a path that they think is the next generation should go. That love is helping them grow up and stand on their feet, or vice versa, is slowly taking away the ability to be self-reliant, giving them the habit of forever relying on adults in the home for any small, big deal

Use the word ‘care’ to explain the over-interference in one’s life, to explain the critiques to your lover or close friend, to guide them in solving problems in the way you give them. is best in the role of outsider. That concern is helping the person who loves him or her to find a solution for themselves, or vice versa, causing confusion, confusion, pressure and self-confidence.

Is it true that we are doing it because of our love, or are we doing it for fear in our hearts? I’m afraid that I’m not a good parent, afraid that I’m not the ideal lover. Fear that when they do wrong, when they live, we will be responsible, bear the consequences.


True love should probably be the belief that each person has the ability to solve their own problems in their own way. Maybe their respect for their decisions is different from how they think they are because they can not live in the end. Maybe it should be a encouraging smile when they do it right, an empathic bracelet when they do wrong, a shining glance when they learn to stand up after a fall, and really not – hit – the – child Although their behavior sometimes does not agree with me.

True love is probably the courage to let the person you love is responsible for their behavior and decision. It’s a job for them to clean up the piles of garbage they cause. It is a static point for them to fall, scratching scales, bleeding fractures. It was the side of comforting them, watching them slowly stand up, slowly healing the wounds, fighting with the walking stick until they ran back with encouraging glances, soft words of encouragement. Being alert to not scolding them, scolding them, scolding them for their mistakes, and then immediately clearing up their consequences, carrying them on their backs all the way – could have come to the end of their lives. of them – without giving them the chance to fix the mistake, revive themselves.


And it would probably be fair to say that, ‘I’m doing this because I love myself, because I know what’s best for me, and only when I am happy I can carry on. again fun for the people around me.

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