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Do not say my love when you do not want to marry. Never promise when he does not want to determine the future.


At one point my best friend, who was in the same group with me, bluntly declared, “I only love her, but I do not intend to marry her. That’s it. People started to talk about this hot topic, the nod, the rebellious … personally, I found my friend too cowardly.

At that time I wondered if my friend and all the guys who were thinking similarly understood the meaning of the two words “love” or not? Is it “love” when human beings can not determine it for an end?


God has given humanity “love” as a sacred and noble gift. This is the first step for the bonding of two people, the premise for the priceless feelings of long-term attachment. When we love each other, people will wrap around without leaving, will feel 24 hours a day is never enough to be able to express love to the enemy, will feel the space seems to shrink Only two people, will feel extremely boring life without seeing each other every day.

Love is, when the two sides feel no way to live together anymore, feel the enemy is an integral part of their body, is that people always have to try to come together under one roof, to see each other every day, take care of each other every moment.

Loving couples always dream about the wedding as a happy ending of the party. Love is to long-lasting happiness, to become the only one of each other’s life, to together sad happy through every vicissitudes of life.

Love is so magical, it makes the heart vibrate the emotional difficult to name, people call it happiness, although it can not define the specific happiness. So if only love but not married, what other side are just wasting their emotions?

Love is not married, maybe it is not true love, but just a temporary feeling for someone. He said he loved her but did not want to marry her, that love suddenly became pitiful and tasteless … can know outside, he is also saying love like that to other girls?

Men are more mature, the more experienced the more attractive, but women have only a few short years in life. So never make your girl wait too long.

There are men who have delayed getting married for reasons like “I want to be more stable”, “I want to earn more before my wife”, … Brothers and sisters Every girl needs a place to rest, if you keep her waiting for the promises, while he is busy pursuing his own plans, are you too selfish do you love

The man was busy walking on the road of business, career without knowing that the woman’s youth is quietly passing each day, until looking startled start to realize that he has wasted a over time.

After marriage, despite being happy or suffering, at least we are not alone, there will be a companion with us, we will fulfill our dreams, ambitions, fulfill our plans. bad. Love, understanding, consensus will be the key to unlocking larger doors for us later.

Love is to marry, not to love it. Do not torment a girl with her irresponsible thinking. When you say love a person, it is time to put all your responsibility on her life. Love the girl with a genuine love and when it comes time to love, hold hands and tell her, “Love enough, I’m married!”

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