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“Saigon hid me so carefully, so that when I find out, he has belonged to the people lost …” She laughed and said wistfully, like the way he often jokes to hide the sadness unprofessional.


We met too late in life. So, I can not answer the question “What are you in the midst of my life?” Because you have a strong enough to not fall in love with the lost path of love. And I can only sigh for the meeting that I was slow and put a smile on his lips when he approached him – like two intimates.

Love each other too late

In this uncontrollable relationship, I do not need the title and you do not forbid the two chivalrous hearts to find each other. The two of you know where the boundaries of love delays to know to stop in time to hurt more anyone. The concept of “come before – after” has clearly defined who needs to be covered and where to return. It’s not me.

Love you to accept everything in the middle, including happiness. I do not dare to be too happy and I have to pack it, because only a little bit stirring, very happy that the momentum will fall without brakes.

I still go by, listen to the sadness of the day, the sweet and angry of his love. He still walks in his own peaceful place with all the attention and respect, although the memory in his heart has been aroused more or less by another picture. Although these moments will soon pass, at the end of the road you are just a stranger looking at the happiness of people. Knowing who is stopping, still say silently: “If I meet you from the beginning …”.

time is not appropriate to meet a suitable person, the outcome is still empty. It is possible to walk through city streets like two familiar faces, but in the foreseeable future they will have to turn about different falls. Saigon rainy nights, he sat quietly behind his shoulder, crept as a hitchhiker on the car that he was late. The irony is that, my heart is starting to celebrate more than the rain is falling on the road, because the person sitting in front of me calmly said: “Nip close to him, watch the rain wet.”

He is always so gentle and thoughtful – gentle tend to make the opposite person misunderstand.

You gently make me misunderstand

Together, the two understand the price of happiness is sometimes not pleasant – whether it is temporary happiness and suspense or when thinking of tomorrow.

Then he came back with the real one, and I went alone on the long road looking for someone who did not have to share love. So maybe I should let go of my hand, because I do not want to go on the next big journey of love, you have to come again late.

Happiness is never complete when in the middle of the middle. In this life, do not let yourself be someone else’s idol, okay?

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