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When you have to try to forget someone …


Every morning you get up, you wrap your arms around your hug as usual, but what you get is an invisible hug, a kiss in a vague memory, a cold space, and no need The wind also makes you feel cold, do not need a droplet on your eyes also spicy.


When you accidentally strolled through the old street, still the melodious music in the cafe, is still familiar with the familiar waves, is still the sweet voice of her rowdy, is still awake Old drinks are available on the table without having to call, and unconsciously, the familiar sitting seat makes you feel happy.

When the sun is shining in the rain, it will not bother you on the old porch, because you know that, even if you stand there until the dim light begins to smudge in the dark, it will also No one is welcome, no one is willing to take you home.

It is at the time of the tumultuous life that makes you tired, craving for hugs, cravings for sweet words, craving for someone’s shoulder to fall in, crying out loud, crave a call from him how much, but can not, you have to overcome yourself alone, self-consolation yourself, wipe your eyes, you have to stand up the next step, because we are no longer have been together for so long.

At accidental eye contact between tens of thousands of people crowded, when the heart throbs but also throbbing because that hand is holding his hand, that smile is given to someone, his lips were who is, and again, you must try to forget.

Forgetting a person is never easy, regardless of whether you choose to follow reason to walk forward to find the light for yourself or to hang on in the heart of how much memory nostalgia, then The suffering is still you.

But no wound ever bleeding, right?

Forget about you, I wonder how long it takes, hundreds of mornings, I miss you so hard, I hate myself too weak, , forever immersed in the lung, lurking forever on the vague memories to remember him.

Come and collect it, yellow leaf on the tree down the wind, shake off the dullness to change the new shirt, and you, know you can ever gather all the memories in a small corner of the heart. to forget him?

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