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My friends are drawn by two young men. Sometimes they clapped their shoulders, playing, not too much, but all their lives, they did not want to play. Dude, I’m about two or six and then you, why my spring is so fast?

I laughed and wondered, why do people have to insist on such things? Because when you try to hold onto something, it drifts as fast as you can. The more you try to create your youthful memories, the more you regret it, the sadder it becomes. When you are old, you look back to memories once, someone is not happy because they are older than the old.



In my life, not just about family or friends. And the ones I’ve met at work. I see one of them has some symptoms of mild depression. I often pay attention to the small details, I am very interested in psychotherapy. So when I talk to people with mild depression I meet, I try to apply what psychotherapy I know to help them. Sometimes just listening to them recounts the obstacles they face in life, the psychological burden. I disassembled them, helped their lives become brighter.

And it is interesting that the saying: “My youth is over!” Repeatedly many times, during conversations. While they are only in their twenties, most of them are two-headed. Their tendency to think that they have grown up so fast, that their lives are already stressed about their work, is putting a strain on the mind. Someone said, I live in the most beautiful life. But the work I’m doing does not give me some time to enjoy it. My life is passing too fast.

In fact, it is all false, that the youth of anyone, or whitewash is the youth of any person must be beautiful to be satisfied. You know that every one has a place in his fate. What is called beautiful youth, thinking after all is only a beautiful and most satisfying memory in life. Not everyone can have that beautiful spring. We can understand that fundamental memory is not only a time. Each person’s beautiful memories can come early, maybe late. But nobody like that.

Let me show you how each person’s life will have different melancholy. Let’s say two examples below.

The first example, a beautiful young girl, many boys pursue. In the middle years. She had a passionate first love. A great memory that many people longed for.

For example, a girl who is physically fit but not beautiful. She does not have many boys to pursue, and she does not have a beautiful first love, the so-called wonderful thing in her youth is not in her life. But in return, when she was thirty, she became a glamorous woman. She has the experience and the way to behave maturely makes the boys more attentive. Her love at this time will revolve around the romantic theme.

After reading the above two examples, did you wonder if the young girl had high school love, until she was thirty, why she could not have had a similar love with a calendar guy? that exhibition If so, spring memories are still better?

But my friend, you do not notice that most of the girls who love very early are usually married very soon? Among your friends, are there so many early lovers who are still single? Not only that, early lovers, especially experiencing much love. They will be crushed emotionally, sometimes in the psychology of their love as a habit, a difficult addiction. And the initial emotions of vibrations, they may have forgotten. Memories are beautiful here that I want to say is that. Memories of the spring bar second thought is the original vibrations. Which you always regret.

At the age of thirty, we have the experience, there is the first love vibration. Meet the experienced people who can bring you happiness. Your youth is not lost, in fact it is still intact. And this time when things are ripe, the beautiful vibrations can be enjoyed in a more rounded way.

So I always advise my friends to complain about my youth. Do not consider the youth to be all, because if you still have the original vibration, keep a silly mind in love. My youth will be forever and beautiful memories will never be lost.

Do not nostalgic spring, because the spring is the only reflection is speech. We need to regret the memory. Memories in the fate of every human being. The fate of every human being is different.

Never give up, because of what others have experienced. Those beautiful things, after all, come sooner rather than later. Then my time will come.

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