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Men often have a saying to help women save their inattention:

“I want something to say, let me do it. I’m sad to say you, let me fix it …”

But men do not know, for a woman, they need voluntary self-awareness. Need the available nature. Not the mechanics to follow, change.



A woman does not need a man even though her house is not far from her, but when she texted, “I’m very sad, tired,” he just asked, “Why are you? you hear! ” Or even calm, indifferent not ask, just say “tired then leave early!”

Do not be anxious for her, to know what she is currently.

Women do not need a man with her but are comfortable talking, teasing other girls. Expressing himself like a single person, texting, posting photos not careful before the people.

And women also do not need a man today, she eats all the meals do not know, she has trouble tired or not know, her health mood is not known.

She did not have time to say anything, hurried to say goodbye to sleep. The dark line, she has not yet entered the house turned the car sojourn.

Women do not need a man like that.

Always apologize, sorry. Always make the woman you love must be sad, must be tired, even many tears.

In fact, women do not need men to be delicate, understanding, empathetic. Only men really care about her, want to protect her, care for her. Doing anything honestly thought of her.

These things, which men can do. Only men allow themselves to be heartless. In the heart of love, cherish not enough. Behind her she made a lot of mistakes.

Men, waiting for a day to stand on the brink of losing his woman, then to see important, precious.

Men, just waiting for the woman to say her sentence is bad, she does not need me anymore, to realize that she deserves a better person, deserve more happiness. .

Ha Yu

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