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1. Never ask “where do you go” because if they really want to talk, they told you instead of waiting for you to ask.



2. Get your hands off the men’s secret room, the men’s phone is not the place where women can be curious, the curiosity will kill you. Or a man who is not good, will not leave traces for you easily find, do not lower yourself by checking the phone.

3. Do not call too much when men are having fun with friends, women who do not love lovers or husbands friends are wild. If you call too much, men will be embarrassed and upset, their friends will find you troublesome and childish. So do not be childish.

4. Men are, on the side of a woman, both angels, and demons. Just a friend, a mother, a lover. They like women who are not too pompous or too cunning, but women who change and behave are always attractive. They do not like women who are always complaining, but in contrast, they like women, being street wives, lover in bed, and mother when life is abnormal.

Men always have a bad habit of always promoting their influence with others, but they do not understand one thing, this life is the reciprocal, no one is forever running after them. do not leave. Nobody waits for you when you keep on running.

6. Men are silent, want to break up. The silent woman, it is painful to the extreme.

7. Men crave novelty, women are afraid of familiar.

8. In love, men do not ask, “How many sleeps have you ever slept with?” “Your former lover is as good as you are.” The main taboo is asking about the past, the humiliation that is addressed to the hymen. Love is to love all things from the good to the suffering, no one has the ability to touch or dig too deep into the wound of others.

9. In the affair must be clear, clear. If you really love each other must give each other a clear, not rampant but a relationship that everyone knows. Unobtrusive but must assert sovereignty, a sneaky relationship, conceal, is also want more relationship reserves. Do not believe.

10. Promise only to hear, not to believe, to those promised in that moment can be true, but this life is not always easy. No one can be sure what happens tomorrow, so remember. The promise is valid only for the enjoyment, the warmth of the conversation, the moment that passes, the worthless.

11. The nature of men is that if they make mistakes, you easily forgive, the first time and then the second, third, you are easy to pass will become habits. It’s as if they can calm you down and say “sorry”. So in a certain love should not be made into a habit, you know, men very fast familiar with bad habits.

12. Men or women should remember one thing, the more the quarrel, the more calm, do not let the time to finish new regret for what has been said. Sometimes words are invisible weapons, which can kill a deep relationship.

13. The New Age is about the time when women are most spoiled, the time that men make mistakes is when they are most cherished, women do not have too much time to be king, Make sure these two times, because you want the sky they will also give you.

14. Marriage can be a start for a long happy day, which can also be the end for a love affair that has ended.

15. The costumes worn by women are their self-sacrifice, if you disparage their dress, it is to step on their self.

16. Women have a utopian persistence, have an imperishable endurance.

But when things go too far, they are more innocent than others. To say, men do not try to see the unknowing of women, because it is very scary.

17. How deep the love, how to overcome the same waves. If the man interfered, when the man betrayed, also do not excessively asked “why, the last time does not make sense” because if they cherish, they did not adultery.

18. Women should remember, if let a man dominate all your emotional sadness, is that you have failed. Then apologize to your best friend for being too humble.

19. There are no work accidentally meet each other in the street, or accidentally meet in the coffe shop. Do not believe in clever men when they are caught in battle, because of all the inevitable or accidental things in life, humans can change and shirk, only what they want to do or not. .

20. This life is the same, the lost should not be reminiscence, is gone without regret. Life is a destiny has been arranged, but the coast will return, coast is not in front as well.


Do not try to ask men about a problem, if they want to say, they will definitely say. Your asking will only make them feel annoyed and tired. Do not try to find a man’s answer, because if you can say, they say, what they do not say is not good, because if you force them to say, it’s just a painful answer. only.


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