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Marriage will be better, if the two of you have the agreement. Marriage is not a consensus in thought, a view that will help your married life do not go to the dead end. Before you get married, consider and agree to the following 11 to make the right decision for the future.



1. How do you share your beliefs and spiritual aspects?

This is especially important when you have different beliefs. Although the same faith, you should still discuss the spiritual values, beliefs, how to organize holidays according to custom …

2. How family financial institutions?

Drink coffee with friends also report, give gifts to her close friends also need to explain; Or who accounts, who deducted a few contributions? In spite of that, they both need to think of a family fund when the “left wind” (sickness, illness, unexpected things to solve …) and do it seriously. .

3. Where do you want to live?

This is an important issue that you and the guy need to discuss. Especially when she was an only child and her family did not want to be away from him, and he was afraid to be raised in law … or similar situations.

4. How will marriage take place?

Since this is a big day, many people want to organize so gloriously, without thinking about other problems. So you can not ignore the unification of the organization, cost, the number of guests; Avoid one of the two feeling dissatisfied in the wedding ceremony, just waiting to finish the party to “speak out”.

5. The role of the two families for your marriage

You may like to visit your parents often several times a week, but you just want to visit special occasions. Pay attention to this and exchange it in advance. This should be delicate.

6. Intended children

Be careful in planning for having a baby. It is impossible to have children because the husband and wife often argue, because the economy is shrinking. Then what education will be, whether you two agree or not?

7. Balance between work and family life

You have the habit of working exhausted while your spouse wants you to spend more time with your family, so there is “something”. He likes to advance, but you just want a peaceful life, not much wind, is arguing. Therefore, speaking together about the characteristics of work to find the direction of balance with the common life, will be better for the conjugal love later, avoid many unfortunate break.

8. Relationships

Many of the husbands and wives, because of their love, lead to their possessiveness. However, friendship relationships are a must to balance life. Tell your partner to better understand your friends and colleagues. On the other hand, should limit intimacy with friends of the opposite sex.

9. Harmony in the field

Sex is a sensitive issue when discussing publicly, but when the two of you are getting married, you should not be shy. For example: you like a “sublimation” 3 or 4 times a week, but the “partner” only wants 3 times … one day, the bed is not warm anymore but it has become cold . Openly discuss this delicate need. After all, the relationship of the couple to happiness is not only emotional harmony, but also the positive aspects of the relationship.

10. Share the housework

You have the following options:
– Hire a maid if both do not want to do housework.
– Accepted as a person who makes 90% of chores in the home.
– Talk with your spouse about the importance of sharing work.

This is one of the “small but no small” issues and needs to be agreed before you sign the marriage certificate.

11. Free time for each other

– What does your future husband / wife like to do in their free time?
– Does he / she value your time together?
– Does he / she consider you more important or more work?

If you do not discuss this issue before marriage, you may find it frustrating because your spouse spends too much time with his or her former friends, relatives or his / her hobbies.

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